WAVES – How will it work?

You may have noticed that I’m releasing a lot of music recently, well, there is a reason. Neigh, it is not blind marketing, but strategic marketing. It all ties in with the WAVES launch, and here’s how.
WAVES will be an extremely customisable album; You’ll have the option of choosing the artwork on the CD, as well as the track listings! Let alone that, each album comes with a unique, hand written pun.
Now, I couldn’t do this if you didn’t know the tracks could I? So, every week running up to the launch of WAVES, I’ll be releasing a brand new, or re-produced track!

So, here’s how it’s all going to work:

Step one – Choose your track listing:

I’ve always been a big fan of giving the customer exactly what they want, even if it means I have to go the extra mile, so with WAVES, I am offering people the opportunity to hand pick their very own track listing for the album! With a selection of 30 original pieces (all listed in the contact form at the bottom of this post).
Of course, being me, the selection consists of blues, jazz, ska, folk, rap, orchestral electronic, maths and of course experimentalism, so you have plenty to choose from!
All of the tracks will be released as singles on my Bandcamp page over the coming weeks, so if you’re unsure what songs you want then you can have browsing listen.

Step two – Choose your artwork:

I’m sure by now you’ve seen my array of CD designs. Sadly, hand drawing hundreds of CDs is very energy and time consuming, and I doubt I’d be able to make it viable hand drawing each one, so instead I’ll be replicating a selection of deigns for you to choose from. Batch by batch, I’ll be progressing through the 20 odd designs. The first batch include Chameleon, Elephants and Vulture. With some special exceptions.

Step three – Collect your album:

Sadly, I can’t currently afford to invest in proper payment options or forms for you to complete & pay online right now, so the first stockpile will ONLY be available at the album launch at The Soundhouse on 28th December (get it in your diaries!). The albums will cost £12 each, cash only (or Paypal options if you contact me before 30th November. Leave a comment in your submission if preferred).

If you want a copy of WAVES, simply use the contact form attached to at the bottom of this post, list your 10 tracks, name your preferred album artwork, and confirm your attendance to the launch party at The Soundhous, Leicester on 28th December, 2017. Again, feel free to contact me if you wish to pay in advance via Paypal

I would like to remind you this is an exclusive opportunity, as time goes on I will simply release a 10-track album on random artworks, so will you NOT have the customisable option forever!

All submissions must be in by 8th December.







Fairy Tale – NEW TRACK

It’s only Monday and you’re already getting a new track! This is a peculiar one, full of obscure time signatures, with a baroque approach to instrumentation and composition. The lyrics theme around a bitter love story of delusional romance and expectation,  contextually built in a knights and dragons fantasy land.

Check it out in all of its weirdness! Expect more like it too…

… Well, maybe not too soon.



So Far…

So Far…

Hello readers!

So, I’ve been slowly releasing WAVES for about 2 months now. Have you been keeping updated? Since starting, I’ve released a landscape of musical stylings, as you may know. The most popular are Fantasy, Caravan O’Funk, and Story of I! You can listen to them all below:

Plenty more to come, so be sure to subscribe to this blog & keep updated with new gig announcements, new releases and news!


There is also a second reason for this blog post: The WAVES event page will be launching on Facebook NEXT WEEK! So be sure to like & follow the Homeless Shakespeare Facebook page, which you can find by clicking the link below


Without it, how would you know I’m performing on the line up on the lovely poster at the top of this blog post? It’s all for a charity supporting the unemployed and poverty stricken too.

Hope you enjoy the tracks, readers.



AUTUMN LAND – Reintroduced

The only track of WAVES I’ll be putting out this week is the mellow vibes of Autumn Land.

I initially released this track as a single a while ago, but hid it again. Now, it’s part of a long term release. The track was written about romanticised obsession behaviour; a character in a lonely world, concious of his actions but unable to do anything about them.

If you’re a fan of bassy vocals, chilled acoustic guitar vibes and theatrical narrative, be sure to have a listen (and maybe even download it)

More experimental, darker depths of my sounds will be coming next week, so keep your eyes peeled!


TOMORROW! Robert J Hunter Band live

So tomorrow, I’ll be supporting the unique Robert J Hunter band at The Musician, Leicester!

The blues man will be bringing his band to Leicester after his critically aclaimed debut album ‘Songs for the Weary‘ and 2015 follow up album ‘Before The Dawn‘. His dirty blues continue with his new album ‘Where I’m From‘ and will surely continue for years to come.

Support is coming from Jesse Wright, Ali Clinton, and I myself will be performing my rawest, bluesiest tracks.

19:30 onwards, £7 entry
Here’s the event page —> Facebook event page


Like A Praying Mantis – NEW TRACK

Like A Praying Mantis – NEW TRACK

Yes, another new track. After the whimsical dreamscape of Fantasy, I figured I’d stick to the theme of vivid dreaming, but get a bit shadier.

Like A Praying Mantis was another track written within 10 minutes of waking up after a very lucid dream. A bit darker though, with a bit more narrative. I remember waking up in my dream, having sex with this chick, right, and her head just falls off. Like, it just fell off. No blood or anything, her neck just inverted into an anus like crease inbetween her shoulders. I was a bit confused, as you would be, but I just carried on. Only for like, a few seconds mind you. It wasn’t particularly comfortable (nor comforting when I woke up and reflected).
In panick of thinking I would be blamed, I grabbed her head and popped it in a plastic bag, which I would proceed to take with me to the top of a long garden. Or try.
Two cat-sized chameleons, very colourful in turquoise and flourescent shades of pink and green, were blocking my way. You’d think I’d be able to walk over them, but alas, I was struck with panick. I returned to the bedroom, head-filled plastic bag in hand, and found the body missing, in exchange for a friend of mine that I know to be a mutual sufferer of depression rocking on the floor crying.

I think this is where I woke up in a cold sweat.

Surreal indeed. Have a listen to what my musical output made of it!