Hello, people!

Hello there, reader!

I see you’ve stumbled upon the Homeless Shakespeare website. It’s not much right now, but once WAVES is released in November, I should have an official music video for you to watch hundreds of times!

Until then, please do have a little explore of what is here; I have music, and links to music, videos, and a bio for you to study.

Be sure to keep visiting though, as I’ll be releasing new music over the summer running up to the WAVES album launch. And not just mine either!

Over the summer, you’ll notice that I’ll be promoting other artists’ music. No, it’s not a return to my others before myself ideal, it’s because I recorded and produced it!

Until October, I have a residential room with a professionally setup DIY studio at Stayfree Music in Leicester. Here, I will be recording acoutic artists and bands alike, and offering packages including studio videos for the artists to take away and share with venues and promoters, as well as an opportunity to feature on a compilation album I’ll be releaing later in the year as the first release of Homeless Shakespeare Records, where I will be artistically producing instrumentation around their original, acoustic tracks.

It’s still early days, but I have recorded a few solo artists so far. One of which being session musician and artist George Mitchell, who has recently joined the Homeless Shakespeare ranks as saxophonist and backing vocalist.
So, without any further adue, here are the jazzy blue sounds of George Mitchell!

If you want your music recording – either just a couple of acoustic tracks, whether you wanted videos to go with them, or if you’re interested in featuring on the compilation album, GET IN TOUCH! As it’s my ambition, my rates are the bare minimum to afford rent on the room.


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