This Week…

… I started off with hosting the monthly Cellar Sessions at Manhattan34. Grand ol’ night I’ll say! Although it wasn’t very busy this time round, the inviting atmosphere brought some great talent down this month, with regular comedian Matt Hollins winning the awkward rock paper scissors tournement to decide whether he or Dan Wright were to be first open mic performer.

Dan Wright, losing RPS, was first to stand up behind the mic. Check him out for yourself! A real talent. Great guitar skills and vocals, his range and clarity is haunting at times. He goes under the name Stylite often, he did mention he’ll be playing with a full band at The Cookie on 4th August!

Matt Hollins came down early, with his fresh piece of paper and a pen ready to write some fresh new material. His deadpan comedy style always goes down well, with stories of Blaby’s excitement, Countersthorpe treks and Tinder.

It was a pleasure to see a Chris Quinn, or ‘Quis’ as we incecently called him last night. A seasoned veteran with all the spices, opening with an original before a tirade of classic ’90s singalongs (there was a fair bit of Tenacious D too). Chris runs the crown of an open mic night in Loughborough on Tuesdays, which apparently gets very student heavy, so be sure to get to the Paget Arms open mic in season!

A quarter of the audience was decided to do a couple tunes too. Two quirky and charming (and in some cases raw) songs came from Miranda Booth, the latter being a blues call & response tune that, after Chris Quinn’s singalong mayhem, had everyone bellowing along.
Miranda is also a Harp player, if anyone was interested (which you kinda have to be, it’s a bloody harp. Its beautiful)


Aaaaaaaanywho, I’ve gotta do stuff. Gotta get to Stayfree to record a song or two for Aaron Dudfield, an artist I’m particularly looking forward to work with. Check him out too!

If you’re here for a quick update about gigs, then you can catch The Dedbeats, The Lost Transmitters and myself (with George Mitchell on saxophone, and maybe some more friendly faces) at O’Niell’s on Friday. I’ll be doing another post about that one, explaining the importance of what O’Niell’s are doing!
If you’re busy Friday, or would simply prefer not seeing a full half hour of me, you can witness a short rap set at House of Verse at 2Funky Music Cafe on Saturday too! Don’t miss out, this HoV looks stupendous with the 25 artist lineup!

Until some point later in the week, like, Thursday or something. Safety!




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