Yes! It’s Friday! The offices are being locked for the weekend, every highstreet store readies a weekend sale that falls just short of the mark of actually being worth it, the bar staff are counting their beads and the A&E happy that the students are gone but still preparing for that classic drunk British idiocy.

Myself, though, I’ll be performing at O’Neill’s tonight. As mentioned in my first post this week, it’s a pretty relevant gig! The O’Neill’s chain, with 32 pubs up and down the country, have recenty had to cut their entertainment budget, meaning they can’t afford to hire a band every Friday night to play your favourite classic songs. However, to counter this negative, the chain has decided to put together a national Battle of The Bands, their Sound of Summer events.

The winners of this national competition will perform live at Bestival 2018 and gets free recording in London! The semi-finals are held in Birmingham, and finals, naturally, in London, so it’s a great opportunity for any original artist!

But that’s it, the main thing isn’t the competition or the awards, but much more the fact that such a big UK pub chain is dipping their toes in the refreshing waters of original, local music. If this goes well, then O’Neill’s will likely start investing in more original music, which, let’s face it, we’d all love to see more of at established pubs & bars.
People are fickle – invite them to a music venue for a show, it’s a no. Invite them to a bar they know & love, they’re comfortable enough to enjoy it and feel like they’re a part of it!
These people would then follow the artist of their choice to venues, but I’d rather not fill you in on the butterfly effect of putting original artists in a pub environment.

You should, instead, come down to O’Neill’s in Leicester tonight, for me playing alongside saxophonist George Mitchell, The Lost Transmitters and the Dedbeats. All from 8pm onwards!


Until tonight (or tomorrow at 2Funky Music Cafe for House of Verse?)




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