House of Verse (as per)

Well, as per with House of Verse events, that was just fantastic! Although the fantabulous Hib Word was mostly out of action for the event, we were treated to a double hosting from Sam Plummer, and for maybe one of the last times before she escapes the western headlock to live & work in Cambodia, Caroline Rowland (who also did a spellbinding set, as per!).

It’s always an exciting night, and of course this one was no exception. The first act was Rhymes Against Humanity, an improvised musical theatre group from Nottingham. With nothing but a name and a job, they created an inspiring 20 minute piece with rice sorting, hipster food, corporate bodies, Phase2: ?, Profit, and charming singalongs.

The eclectic night has so much to offer, from a living room away from home to (nearly) every performance art under the sun. There was inspiring freestyle rap, acoustic music, epic and engrossing poetry and blues from Jamie Brown, alien like Beatbox from Yan (the last time before he returns to China!), Doo-wop and Motown from vocal trio The Vixens, grime from Hayche GriiiM, the winding worldly words of Hibword, comedic charisma of Dan Nicholas, and the mastermind musical ingenuity of Stuart O’Connor.

The House of Band (this month featuring Raj Mohanlal, Jamie Sykes, James Geary and George Mitchell) added their spice and sauce over the night, and did a superb job of it as always! They even helped out with my set, making it one of the best performances some people have seen from me! If you’re intrigued, you can watch the full set below!

That’s enough nostalgic rambling, I just wanted to say a big thanks to them for having me and spread word of this wonderous night!

Until next time, readers



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