It’s Quiet Here…

Hello, readers! I’m sorry I’ve been quiet, hopefully you’ve not missed my nonsense too much.

Last week, well, waht can I say? O’Neill’s was absolutely fantastic, and House of Verse was as per superb! I’m still finding glitter here and there from the latter.
Since then I’ve been up to quite a bit; learning some songs on bass (lots of Santana), writing and recording the new material, booking shows, planning (of course) and, oh yeah, of course, setting up the Homeless Shakespeare band!

Since finding saxophonist Goerge Mitchell (and since the House of Band’s absolute stellar improv on Saturday), drummer and artist in his own write Matt Hellard has showed eagerness to lay down the jazzy drums. I Wanna Dissect You sounds particularly cool.
Hopefully we’ll have it ready for Sunday at Jukebox, where we’ll be doing a public audition to perform at Cosmipolitan Festival. Please do come and catch us at 12:15! We’re only doing the one track though, so maybe save your anticipation for a later date.

Today, I’ll be recording Oscar Prince, singer and guitarist for Grunge rock band Dead Question (I’m looking forward to this one!) and showing a surprise bass player the ropes of the gyp-hop, swing-stomp and bruised-blues.

If you still haven’t seen me live with saxophone, I and others would implore you to do so!
You can do just that at Duffy’s Bar next Thursday for my next official gig, being The Brandy Thieves’ festival warm up party! Featuring Jackie Duffy herself, The punk-girl Pyrate Queen using her distortion pedals and ukelele, myself and George Mitchell, The Whiskey Rebellion’s high energy gypsy-folk, TC Costello’s mix of traditional and original accordian music and alcoholism, and of course the Brandy Thieves providing us with the needed gypsy-punk attitude! Get tickets NOW because it WILL sell out! If there’s any left it’s a miracle…


That’s enough for me today, you’ve had your catch up & know whats going on now, so I’ll see you Sunday or Thursday, yeah? Sound. Bye.




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