Constellations – BRAND NEW TRACK!

I’ve had a bit of a rough patch as of recent, with all things considered. However, out of the ashes blooms a fiery phoenix, in this case in the form of an epic soundtrack to an imploding life.

Full of my signature metaphors and idioms, the track lyrically explores the self in the form of a cosmos. The music, in F# minor – because that’s important, seduces your emotions with the tinkering of xylophone keys, sombre piano, and deep dirty bass. It’s climatic nature is resemblant of the bubbling emotions of a person clinging on to the end of their thread.

Enough of what I think anyway, have a listen for yourself!


T’days Agenda

This weekend you can find me at The Soundhouse this afternoon (I’m performin at 5pm) for their Summer Sessions. The beer garden opens up to become a cosy, whimsical performance space for acoustic artists, with their hand build stage.


The line up alone is just begging you to be there! Such a talented bunch, us Leicester lot.



Ohm’less Shakespeare – Going Electronic

Hello there!

So I’m sure you know how I create my music by now: A case of record, draw MIDI, automate, mix, record more, draw more MIDI, mix again, automate more, reautomate, remix, cry, and finish off with mastering the borderline finished mix to avoid further stress and self loathing. Then releasing it, pretty quietly and unacknowledged.
Although it doesn’t get you all the listens or radio airplay, it’s a great way to build up your portfolio, and in some cases hone your skills.

Since starting Homeless Shakespeare, the recording and production side has been a constant lesson in development for me. Before even purchasing an interface to record audio I was producing electronic music (be it at a very low quality, still) under the name Call Me Caveman.  This name will, at some point, make a return; probably as an electronic LP.

Either way, I dawdle. Basically, amidst the chaos, confusion and high blood pressure of producing WAVES, I found myself craving escapism. This therapy was achieved with creating some new electronic music, and revisiting my old works!

I can’t give away too many details, but it will coincide with the WAVES launch, which will happen over the course of weeks from November onwards! So consider this a gentle reminder to keep your eyes peeled for spontaneous releases!


Maybe even, like, in the next few days?


… In the world of Homeless Shakespeare, is the second Monday of the month, and you should know what that means… Cellar Sessions!
Tonight is Manhattan34’s open mic night, Cellar Sessions. The cosy, comfortable environment is a great host to all performances – we’ve had spoken word poetry, comedy – from deadpan to self deprication, music from bands to acoustic, and much more! Described as an evening resembling a friend’s living room, married with friends and socially relaxed vibes.

So yeah, that’s going on tonight. I’ll be hosting it from 7:30pm,  and open mic slots from 7:45. Every month we have 2 feature artists, this month with Corinna Jane from Northampton, and George Mitchell from Leicester.


Chin chin, folks!


Til next time…