Humble He – A Room Without A View

Humble He once humbly humbled me with an early listen of his new EP ‘A Room Without A View‘, and it’s marvellous.

The EP opens with dreamy melodies caressed from a guitar on Everything is Even Odds, which hosts some technically clever rhythm work, particularly dominant in the melodic bridge section, before slithering back into a final chorus with acapella harmonies.

Title track A Room Without a View continues the easy ride sound of track 1, but this time with a much more sombre delivery. Although still a moderately slow track, the energy projected by harmonies and rhythmic hooks have you cradling yourself in content anxiety.

My Own Two Hands certainly brings the electricity down to a melancholia of acoustic guitar and crisp vocals. A bag of mixed emotions this track, but mainly you feel a flourish of optimism. As the track carries you on, the subtleties of the string arrangements and drums clamber up to your attention. It’s quite the epic ‘chill’ song. Goosebumps were had.

Rolling tom drums heave the last track To Raise an Anchor into another rhythmic jigsaw. Slightly more up pace compared to the rest of the EP, but no less tearful. Trilling vocal and violin melodies briefly intensify the track, waving like an acid comedown. It slowly progresses and climaxes, with crunchy bass and snapping snare signifying it’s growth. The track is as uplifting as it is depressing, a beautiful result of the concocted timbre, melodic movements and of course Joe’s clean, raspy vocals and comparatively abstract lyrics.

Overall the EP has the emotive language of a journal written by a very self-controlled bi-polar owl. Wisdom in words, spoken as the head twists and turns stuck on it’s feelings as it writes the thoughts, pure and corrupt, into the journal in Morse Code. A clever EP, not far from the sounds of a chilled out Radiohead, or a brighter version of The Hoosiers’ dark side.

The EP was released on 28th January at The Cookie (Leicester) for Independent Venue Week, with a stonking support line up consisting of Superego and Webbo & The Soft Boys. As I remember, it was a particularly encapsulating show. My first experience of seeing all these artists live and every one was on the mark!

You can find A Room Without A View on iTunes, Spotify or download your copy from Humble He’s Bandcamp.




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