Timmas EP – Review

Leicester has seen a rise in great rock bands, particularly of the grungey texture, in the past few years. With Siobhan Mazzei having found a band to boost her sound, Rhett Barrow soaring forward with the Dedbeats, who you should expect to hear a release from any time now!

Amongst this rise in rock, is innovative duo Timmas.

They released their debut EP in June, and have since jumped on a ferry and travelled the great plains of Europe busking and gigging around, being their merry selves.

The EP captures the ocean of sound that floods your being at the live shows brilliantly, as represented in the opening track Wilau. Building up to the bite of second track ‘Vampire‘, which wanders up with a cheerful demeanor and rough coat. You can’t help but bob fidget along to the hard rock groove, before they drop a burst of tempo rise making you flail like an injured bat.
Ground keeps the tensions high with upbeat augmented riffage. Tom Carnell (drums) takes on the main vocal role of this track, while Tim Baker (guitar) uses his voice in a more instrumental manner. The middle-8 section is brilliant; though complex to the conventional ear, they maintain control and remain ‘grounded’, using dynamics and key movements to their full advantage.
The finishing feedback of Ground links to Hydra, the EP’s main track. The bi-polar charisma of the track is reminiscent of Vampire, though rather than tempo rises, the verses drop into a lumbering behemoth, with spurts of the main riff. The chorus section is a moment of clarity with the power of voice and harmony, brightening the mood with the constrast of worrying lyrics. Now, I will always remember this track, after seeing them perform it live, the middle-8 is a masterpiece! Tom gets a moment in the lime light with his drum solo, and Tim’s use of kill switch and wrong notes is the perfect combination of madness and knowledge.
The final track, Bored, opens with a different approach to the rest of the tracks – using sounds of birds, rain and thunder, and a subtle voice, they illustrate a beautiful depression, further supported by the opening line “I’m missing you sweet summer“, further emphasising their Britishness with the follow up line “when grey clouds come through, I’m home“. The constant rain sound creates an atmosphere you can’t avoid, with long pauses between the chunky guitar. The mood switches with the witty line “rain makes us shine”, into a more manic depressive than simply depressive whim. The track keeps you clutched betwixt its emotions.

Vocals of broken men. Guitar thicker than sinking sand. Drums harder hitting than 130mph winds. Capricious lyrics. These are elements of Timmas, but to truly experience them, you must listen to them yourselves, but I implore you to see them live! It’s truly an experience.

They’ve been vlogging their experience on the roads of Europe, which you can find on their Facebook page feed, as well as their coming gig dates. They’ll be back in Leicester in a month or so, so like the page and keep your eyes out!




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