I Killed A Fly Today – NEW… Song?

It’s Monday, so I didn’t want to give away too much too soon, but you definitely deserve a new track!

This one, however, is probably not one you’d ‘enjoy‘ listening to, per se. The poem was written about bullying; the small victories bullies find from dominating smaller or seemingly weaker types, and how above all they become no better than that which they criticise.

I’d probably bore you if I went through it line-to-line, so I’ll leave intepretation up to you.

It’s only 44 seconds, but you’ll be getting quite the apocalyptic 3:49 track later this week, which I have only ever played live once, so its unlikely heard by you. It’s a bit of a dark track, but if you’re a fan of poetry, dark melodies and odd time signatures, you’ll probably be a fan.




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