CD designs!

So with all the music I’m putting out, I figured it’s about time you saw the artwork!

The first batch will be the above 3 designs; the chameleon, the elephant, and the vulture!

Once the opportunity to customise your own album is over (February 2018) I will be appropriating tracks to album illustrations, like so…

Chameleons are inspiring creatures. Their ability to adapt and camouflage, for self defense and even emotional display. Their independent eyes view more than we can fathom possible at any given time. The track I’ll be putting on this album are those of heart-on-sleeve emotions, of unique cold blooded nature, and above all personal change and development.
Songs include: Hide & Seek, Be My Slave, The Apocalypse Will Eat Itself, Caravan O’Funk, Fantasy, Aftertaste, Serotonin Swamp, Lost Ground, Umbrella, Pirate Song.

As the old saying goes; an elephant never forgets. The tough skinned, relentless creatures travel for miles for water. Their brains are the largest in the animal kingdom, but even with all that intellect, their eyes are still small and their vision isn’t their strongest trait. Tracks on this album will be of the stoic persona, of constant ambition and drive, of intellect and strong will, and of mistakes.
Songs include: Baby Don’t You Cry, Shanty, Sleep, Daydreamin’, Autumn Land, Slow Me Down, To The Grave, Story of I, Dolls, The One.

Fascinating creatures, vultures. Adaptable and found across the globe in various environments,  feeding in wakes and flying in kettles. They’re weak legged, but have strong senses. As scavengers, they’re patient and content. The tracks on the Vulture album will feature the darker side of lyrical content – more desperation and shame, as well as the juxtaposed pride and self centeredness.
Songs include: Like a Praying Mantis, I Killed A Fly Today, Worm Right Through, Constellations, Burrowed In, When I Grow Up I Wanna Be A Self Saboteur, Lonely Man Blues, Cave Art, Whiskey & Cigarettes, Fairy Tale.


Who knows, it’s likely that by February 2018 I’ll have many more tracks to share with you, so don’t set those tracklists in stone!
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