Like A Praying Mantis – NEW TRACK

Yes, another new track. After the whimsical dreamscape of Fantasy, I figured I’d stick to the theme of vivid dreaming, but get a bit shadier.

Like A Praying Mantis was another track written within 10 minutes of waking up after a very lucid dream. A bit darker though, with a bit more narrative. I remember waking up in my dream, having sex with this chick, right, and her head just falls off. Like, it just fell off. No blood or anything, her neck just inverted into an anus like crease inbetween her shoulders. I was a bit confused, as you would be, but I just carried on. Only for like, a few seconds mind you. It wasn’t particularly comfortable (nor comforting when I woke up and reflected).
In panick of thinking I would be blamed, I grabbed her head and popped it in a plastic bag, which I would proceed to take with me to the top of a long garden. Or try.
Two cat-sized chameleons, very colourful in turquoise and flourescent shades of pink and green, were blocking my way. You’d think I’d be able to walk over them, but alas, I was struck with panick. I returned to the bedroom, head-filled plastic bag in hand, and found the body missing, in exchange for a friend of mine that I know to be a mutual sufferer of depression rocking on the floor crying.

I think this is where I woke up in a cold sweat.

Surreal indeed. Have a listen to what my musical output made of it!



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