Live This Bohemia – NEW TRACK!

What better time to release a track of debauchery, drugs and dreams of dread than the Saturday following black Friday (which isn’t celebrated in the UK really, as Twitter has made abundantly clear – we do mad Friday, the last Friday before Christmas, ’cause British people are lax af until it gets closer to the deadline)

Anyway, here’s the track for the wek – Live This Bohemia! Written about, well, all sorts. Mainly people and society. You’ll possibly work it out if you can hear the lyrics through the squeeling and rumbling noise!





Whiskey & Cigarettes – NEW SONG!!!

I nearly didn’t get round to publishing this this week! What with being busy recording, producing, so much more, and of course with performing at The Whiskey Rebellion’s album launch last night (I highly recommend you listen to it!)

This track, Whiskey & Cigarettes, is another growth of ‘bad times’. It’s about the numbing feeling when you’re far too deep in the pit to crawl out, let alone see any light.




Cave Art – NEW TRACK!!!

So Halloween weekend has passed, but there’s no reason to stop the haunting sounds that echo the dimensions!

A minimalist orchestral electronic track after a few weeks of recorded tracks, developing into a heavy breakbeat drop. Hopefully, I’ve portrayed what I intended with the development of something as simple as a cello, into a plethora of overdriven, heavy electronic sounds!

Cave art, it’s inspired us all!