So today, I’ve made five, yes FIVE, tracks from WAVES available via Bandcamp

Here they are… Drum roll please…

First we have a track I’ve been particularly looking forward to releasing – The Apocalypse Will Eat Itself.
Based on the ever developing contradictions and paradoxes of modern society, TAWEI is one for fans of arpeggios, orchestral rock, time signatures and poetry.

Secondly, Gyp-Hop Sound chimes in swung and swinging. The upbeat, jazzy swing-hop stomper was a crowd favourite at the album launch.

Thirdly, we have Umbrella! The Gypsy-disco hip-hop track satirising the advertisement consumer-inspiring age of commercial rap, before getting bored and ranting about the other detestables of life.

Fourth comes Dolls, a jazzy folk-rock number written about online dating and the depersonalization of the whole concept of ‘meeting people online’.

And last, but definitely not least, comes Burrowed In. A fan favourite for a while now, this jumping gypsy-jazz blues rap has burrowed in to the brains of listeners and often gets a shout-out at live shows. I’m particularly proud of the string arrangements in this one


Do enjoy!



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