Man I’ve missed playing at The Soundhouse! Since the album launch in December I’ve been holding back on the gigs and focusing on getting the band on point with all the songs, writing more songs, and planning for the exciting Summer we have ahead of us!

Last night, however, was a welcoming return to the homely venue. Alongside Adam Davison on trumpet, I opened up the show for the in-house Midlands music showcase. Chambers, another Leicestershire based band, took the stage after us, tearing up the air with their hard, biting blues-rock, before Birmingham-based The Paper Buoys closed the night with their unique combinations of indie, punk, and hardcore. The ’90s emo-esque blends of hard-rock and punk influences created a flavour not far enough in either direction for it to be exclusively any of them! They even threw in a cover of Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues (which you can check out on my Instagram).

In other news, we’ve commenced the recording project for a single we’ll be releasing in June! On 14th June at 2Funky Music Cafe in Leicester, we’ll be launching the FIRST FULL BAND RECORDING!!! 

If you want a hint as to what track it’ll be, check out this video from Saturday night (thanks Sue from The Soundhouse)





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