Suggestion: Fivehead

Suggestion: Fivehead

I’ve seen these guys twice so far; once at The Soundhouse supporting The Common Cold, that influenced this piece of writing, and another time at Glastonbudget. They always deliver.

Check out this extract from my live review at The Soundhouse in May.

Fivehead, like a drunk performance artist, place themselves in a juxtaposition between serene, blissful sound and chaotic industrialism…

… Haunting synthetic sounds contrast light, nursery rhyme percussion. The obscurity of sound I met with equal efforts by the visuals, as they swell and move in unison as though the ensemble as a whole is one musician with one instrument; an imaginative child caught in the rhythm of a dystopian Scalextric set. Besides the regular rock-band musicians, they have two extra members in balaclavas, jittering about on random synth and percussion instruments, or simply fanning around the stage like a dancing flame. Melody and key, though elemental, are shattered like glass under this band’s framing, as they place noise and sound manipulation at the forefront of their musical identity.

Their last song was a lot heavier than their previous pieces (which says a lot about the song), using a darker melodic drone and key than previous endeavours. Almost flamenco in its sound, just, flamenco on a meth comedown, closing with an breakdown heavier than some metal bands I’ve seen, and a marching-band snare roll to close the curtain on their apocalyptic theatre.”

Listen to their first EP, How To Bombproof Your Horse, below

Though their next release, what with all their innovative sounds, is taking a while to produce, you can check out their immersive live show at 2Funky Music Cafe in Leicester on 10th August.



I’m Back!

I’m Back!

My sincerest apologies for being quiet on here for the last 2 months! If you follow my other social media accounts, you’ll have seen I’ve been busy with the Pigeon Theatre, whittling down to the brittle bones of the tracks, and it’s going great!

Since my last post in April, we’ve had a photoshoot (with Haz Kirk Photography), started work on new material, been off to Spalding to showcase the gyp-hop sound, nailed a few local shows including supporting Stylite in The Vault, performed on a house boat, and just last night had a sterling headline show at the 2Funky Music Cafe! So yeah, we’ve been busy.

In fact, here’s some snippets of last night’s shenanigans!

It’s an odd experience, going from a long-term solo artist to having a full band to lead – it’s lovely! It really frees you up to play around with the dynamics and arrangements of the music, providing an entirely new dimension! It’s all going well with The Pigeon Theatre; songs are getting tighter and the psychic musicianship is really developing, it’s a beautiful progression!

In case I don’t write again for a while, here’s a list of upcoming shows!

22nd June – The Vault, Leicester, £2 OTD, supporting 94 Gunships (full band)

30th June – Duffy’s Bar, Leicester, T.C. Costello’s Tour Denouement

26th July – The Soundhouse, Leicester, £3 OTD (free if you were born in July), Crabfest

29th July – Barefoot Festival, Leicestershire

Until then, tata