Caravan O’Funk – OUT NOW!

The Caravan O’Funk set course for the future on Friday; the wheels have turned and churned out what was an incredible evening of great music from Brandon Neal, Not My Good Arm, and 94 Gunships, as well as some great entertainment from magician Will Horspool in between acts. Plenty of people, buckets of beer, copious conversations and grands of good times were had at The Vault, and as we started the dancing just didn’t stop! From Aftertaste all the way through to Burrowed In, and even our brand new encore Worm Right Through (which even includes a breakdown! Quite the heavy track).

Photos will be coming soon from the wonderful Soundwaves blogger, promoter and photographer later in the week, so be sure to keep on top of your emails if you’re signed up to the mailing list (and if you’re not, be sure to ‘follow’ this blog)

For now, the EP Caravan O’Funk is now available to listen to and download on the fresh new Homeless Shakespeare & The Pigeon Theatre Bandcamp! Be sure to share it around, it would be much appreciated! We all here at HSHQ sincerely hope you enjoy the production, and the many more to come!

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Suggestion: 94 Gunships

Suggestion: 94 Gunships

Nottingham based band 94 Gunships have been sailing the seas of UK music since 2015, crushing the waves like bugs under boots along their way. Simple lyrical hooks and themes truly ingrain themselves into the listener’s memory, with catchy guitar lines and riffs ensuring the responsibility is not all on frontman Rob Davidson to earwig their way into brains up and down the country.

Their music, elemental in blues and gypsy sounds, become a swinging soiree of chants and knees-up madness as audiences can’t help but become marionettes strung along by the irresistible rhythms and rhymes this band so effortlessly delivers.

Check out their latest music video ‘Tooth Rattle’ below:


You can see them live in Leicester supporting us on the EP launch event for Caravan O’Funk on 7th September at The Shed! 8pm Doors, £4 OTD