Working as a solo artist for 5 years, Homeless Shakespeare created The Pigeon Theatre for the launch gig of genre-mashing album WAVES in December 2017, and has since developed the ‘gyp-hop’ sound; a tasteful cocktail of blues, funk, rock, gypsy-swing and rap. September 2018 marked the release of the band’s first EP, Caravan O’Funk.

Since the start of 2018, The Pigeon Theatre has matured into a hard-hitting ensemble, so distinctively unique that its audacity is enough to work any audience. Punky, funky, ballsy and romantic. The dynamic live performances involve engaging musical characteristics and stage banter (including jokes) that offers that personal touch.

Between Homeless Shakespeare and the band, a diverse range of performances and venues have been scooped under the belt, including a variety of charity events (supporting issues particularly close to the band, including homelessness, poverty and mental health), Arts Council Performances (Emerge Festival, South Holland Centre, Spalding 2017), festivals (Barefoot Festival 2017), and support slots including Undercover Hippy, The Brandy Thieves, Siobhan Mazzei, Robert J Hunter Band, and more.
The versatility knows no bounds, proving themselves suitable for any audience – kids love the upbeat tempos, young adults love the innovative style, and older audiences respect the stand-alone sound of Homeless Shakespeare & The Pigeon Theatre.


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