Affiliates of Homeless Shakespeare include:

Siobhan Mazzei

Siobhan Mazzei has been performing original material and covers for over a decade, dominating the Leicester music scene. Her popularity on Youtube is still growing strong, with her cover of Slipknot’s Danger – Keep Away (filmed by Digital Mechanic) earning itself over 27,000 views.
Homeless Shakespeare helped form the band behind Siobhan Mazzei, alongside Tom Scarlett and Les Hayden, and has since developed the sound to a alternative rock/folk crossover.




Elysian is a soul, jazz and funk group from Leicester. Initially beginning with Lon & Celia as an acoustic duo, Homeless Shakespeare worked close with them for a few years, covering their open mic when they weren’t available and sponteneously collaborating with them. In 2017, the band formed alongside Matt Hellard on drums and George Mitchell on saxophone. Homeless Shakespeare now plays bass for the group, and intends to develop his craft in band management and agency with them.


House of Verse


House of Verse is a collective troupe of artists, musicians, poets, performance artists, dancers, comedians, and a number of other abstract creatives. The events started at Manhattan34 and grew from there, now bringing their embracive artistry to large audiences at 2Funky Music Cafe and other venues. Homeless Shakespeare has been performing as part of the collective since 2015 and now helping Hib Word (the head of house) with management, administration and events.


Stayfree Music

Leicester’s longest running rehearsal studio and equipment hire. Homeless Shakespeare works there as the man who answers the phone, repairs amps, cables and speakers, cleans, and above all makes sure our hourly users get the best experience they can.
Since Lock42 shut down, the company converted the space into 9 residential rooms, of which Homeless Shakespeare has set up his DIY studio and continued production of WAVES, as well as record and produce other artists.


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