Caravan O’Funk – OUT NOW!

The Caravan O’Funk set course for the future on Friday; the wheels have turned and churned out what was an incredible evening of great music from Brandon Neal, Not My Good Arm, and 94 Gunships, as well as some great entertainment from magician Will Horspool in between acts. Plenty of people, buckets of beer, copious conversations and grands of good times were had at The Vault, and as we started the dancing just didn’t stop! From Aftertaste all the way through to Burrowed In, and even our brand new encore Worm Right Through (which even includes a breakdown! Quite the heavy track).

Photos will be coming soon from the wonderful Soundwaves blogger, promoter and photographer later in the week, so be sure to keep on top of your emails if you’re signed up to the mailing list (and if you’re not, be sure to ‘follow’ this blog)

For now, the EP Caravan O’Funk is now available to listen to and download on the fresh new Homeless Shakespeare & The Pigeon Theatre Bandcamp! Be sure to share it around, it would be much appreciated! We all here at HSHQ sincerely hope you enjoy the production, and the many more to come!

Until next time,




So today, I’ve made five, yes FIVE, tracks from WAVES available via Bandcamp

Here they are… Drum roll please…

First we have a track I’ve been particularly looking forward to releasing – The Apocalypse Will Eat Itself.
Based on the ever developing contradictions and paradoxes of modern society, TAWEI is one for fans of arpeggios, orchestral rock, time signatures and poetry.

Secondly, Gyp-Hop Sound chimes in swung and swinging. The upbeat, jazzy swing-hop stomper was a crowd favourite at the album launch.

Thirdly, we have Umbrella! The Gypsy-disco hip-hop track satirising the advertisement consumer-inspiring age of commercial rap, before getting bored and ranting about the other detestables of life.

Fourth comes Dolls, a jazzy folk-rock number written about online dating and the depersonalization of the whole concept of ‘meeting people online’.

And last, but definitely not least, comes Burrowed In. A fan favourite for a while now, this jumping gypsy-jazz blues rap has burrowed in to the brains of listeners and often gets a shout-out at live shows. I’m particularly proud of the string arrangements in this one


Do enjoy!


CAKE – Available on Bandcamp

So the dust has settled following the album launch (finally. It was quite the high to come down from) and I’ve slowly started putting all the tracks out on Bandcamp.

If you were interested in what some of it sounds like, Vol.2 (featuring the elephants) has a lot of this on it; jazzy, bluesy, swinging abstract-rap!

Cake ventures into the realms of optimistic surrealism.




Live This Bohemia – NEW TRACK!

What better time to release a track of debauchery, drugs and dreams of dread than the Saturday following black Friday (which isn’t celebrated in the UK really, as Twitter has made abundantly clear – we do mad Friday, the last Friday before Christmas, ’cause British people are lax af until it gets closer to the deadline)

Anyway, here’s the track for the wek – Live This Bohemia! Written about, well, all sorts. Mainly people and society. You’ll possibly work it out if you can hear the lyrics through the squeeling and rumbling noise!




Whiskey & Cigarettes – NEW SONG!!!

I nearly didn’t get round to publishing this this week! What with being busy recording, producing, so much more, and of course with performing at The Whiskey Rebellion’s album launch last night (I highly recommend you listen to it!)

This track, Whiskey & Cigarettes, is another growth of ‘bad times’. It’s about the numbing feeling when you’re far too deep in the pit to crawl out, let alone see any light.