I’m Back!

I’m Back!

My sincerest apologies for being quiet on here for the last 2 months! If you follow my other social media accounts, you’ll have seen I’ve been busy with the Pigeon Theatre, whittling down to the brittle bones of the tracks, and it’s going great!

Since my last post in April, we’ve had a photoshoot (with Haz Kirk Photography), started work on new material, been off to Spalding to showcase the gyp-hop sound, nailed a few local shows including supporting Stylite in The Vault, performed on a house boat, and just last night had a sterling headline show at the 2Funky Music Cafe! So yeah, we’ve been busy.

In fact, here’s some snippets of last night’s shenanigans!

It’s an odd experience, going from a long-term solo artist to having a full band to lead – it’s lovely! It really frees you up to play around with the dynamics and arrangements of the music, providing an entirely new dimension! It’s all going well with The Pigeon Theatre; songs are getting tighter and the psychic musicianship is really developing, it’s a beautiful progression!

In case I don’t write again for a while, here’s a list of upcoming shows!

22nd June – The Vault, Leicester, £2 OTD, supporting 94 Gunships (full band)

30th June – Duffy’s Bar, Leicester, T.C. Costello’s Tour Denouement

26th July – The Soundhouse, Leicester, £3 OTD (free if you were born in July), Crabfest

29th July – Barefoot Festival, Leicestershire

Until then, tata




Man I’ve missed playing at The Soundhouse! Since the album launch in December I’ve been holding back on the gigs and focusing on getting the band on point with all the songs, writing more songs, and planning for the exciting Summer we have ahead of us!

Last night, however, was a welcoming return to the homely venue. Alongside Adam Davison on trumpet, I opened up the show for the in-house Midlands music showcase. Chambers, another Leicestershire based band, took the stage after us, tearing up the air with their hard, biting blues-rock, before Birmingham-based The Paper Buoys closed the night with their unique combinations of indie, punk, and hardcore. The ’90s emo-esque blends of hard-rock and punk influences created a flavour not far enough in either direction for it to be exclusively any of them! They even threw in a cover of Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues (which you can check out on my Instagram).

In other news, we’ve commenced the recording project for a single we’ll be releasing in June! On 14th June at 2Funky Music Cafe in Leicester, we’ll be launching the FIRST FULL BAND RECORDING!!! 

If you want a hint as to what track it’ll be, check out this video from Saturday night (thanks Sue from The Soundhouse)





So the months pass quicker than the wind blows, and the progress of the band is no less speedy! With a quartet show on the 6th, where we’ll be blasting out all the up-beat, funky Gyp-Hop madness, alongside Situation Cure and Kafkadiva, and a solo show at The Roundhouse on 14th (both of which are free entry, by the way) you have some great opportunities to catch us in action!

Aside from that, April sees the start of us hitting the studio! Taking full advantage of the access to Echo Factory, we’ll be getting started on a single to launch alongside our headline show at 2Funky Music Cafe in June! It’s all very exciting!


So, just a little update for you all! Hopefully we’ll be seeing you at one of the shows! Until then, live long and prosper




Check out the Facebook event page here!

April 6th sees a triumphant return from the Homeless Shakespeare band, with a twist in the line up! This time, Lon will be mastering the funk on the bass, Tom will be back on the pounding beats and we welcome a new member, trumpet player Adam Davison of Not My Good Arm and Brassick Bears, to the troupe!

Alongside us, Pi Bar have Situation Cure, and still more to be announced, coming to entertain the locals! As per usual with Pi Bar, entry is completely free and drinks are pouring!



Skanking and Snow

What a show!

Last night, a few of the Homeless Shakespeare troupe gathered at The Shed. Away from the cold, we huddled into a neat row on stage and spewed out a set of the finest gyp-hop and ramble rap you could think of finding! Or at least it was well talked of by those in attendance.

The rest of the evening was no less exciting, with The Social Ignition expertly warming up the audience’s skanking legs with their exciting Ska, full of groove and grit, followed by the headliners Mr Tea & The Minions.

The Bristol based band had the party going consistently strong with their upbeat, gypsy-jazz party vibes. Not a pair of legs in The Shed remained still for more than a moment with these guys’ stupendous sound pouring from the speakers.

The lovely folks of both bands even did a CD swap with me, and they’re absolutely brilliant!

The Social Ignition currently have a huge list of gigs coming up throughout the coming months; be sure to check their Facebook and see where and when you can see them!

Similarly, Mr Tea & The Minions are currently striding through a string of gigs themselves! You can find their dates and venues on their website


Logging into Facebook this morning, my ‘On This Day’ reminded me of this little introduction to ‘me’ from House of Verse!

I don’t think I did to bad here. So much for releasing a 15 track album with 50 individual designs for Summer, but hey-ho, I’m sure 30 tracks in Winter is just as good!

Check it out! Here’s the link





New live video from Fearon Hall!

You may have saw my posts about gigging at Loughborough’s exquisite Fearon Hall last Saturday. Well, if you missed it, you can check out this video of my set that the lovely Les Hayden of Siobhan Mazzei Band captured! Quite a variety of music in this set, as I brought back the audience-choice approach. I must say, they made some good choices.

Check it out!